National Impact Mentoring is a comprehensive program that connects dropouts, truants, troubled and suspended youth to programs and services that will lead them to success both academically and personally.

We are a character and values driven organization. We believe that love, honor, respect and accountability are essential qualities of a healthy individual and a meaningful life.

Our program strives to bring habitually truant students back into the educational system by providing them with the necessary guidance, accountability, resources and character to become good citizens both in the classroom and the community.

We serve identified at-risk or beyond at-risk students in grades 3-12.


National Impact Mentoring started with 1 school in 2012 with 25 students, one day per week. To now evolving to 20 campuses, 5 days a week directly impacting over 3,000 students and indirectly over 5,000 students.

We serve by using the “Caring Eyes” Strategic Approach

In the past, adults were not afraid to approach teens or youth when they saw them doing something inappropriate and teens respected them as adults.

Today, most adults are afraid to confront or approach teens and teens don’t respect them. To reduce this difficulty National Impact Mentoring has incorporated a “Caring Eyes” approach to mentoring our youth.

Our “Caring Eyes” strategic approach is to recruit and hire mentors from the communities and neighborhoods in which our students live. This recruitment strategy provides our mentors to the opportunity to interact with our students and/or their families both at school, at home, and in their neighborhoods. This wrap around approach puts us in the best position to help our students stay accountable to themselves and their families at all times.

Our vision is to become an organization that is recognized for the impact we have made in the lives of each student and family we serve.

Your Gift Unlocks a Young Person’s Potential

Your Gift Unlocks a Young Person’s Potential

National Impact Mentoring continues to make a difference because of your generosity. There are a number of ways you can make a difference. If you have any questions, please give us a call at 559-365-6781